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PC Insight Downloads

It is becoming increasingly important to know how your batteries are being utilized and monitor their usage and performance. Insight allows you to monitor the battery usage and identify potentially dangerous situations before they arise and cause down time.  

Insight enhances your ability to collect charge and discharge data from your charger and battery device. Insight is compatible with all AMETEK Prestolite Power High Frequency charger product lines, including Evolution, Evolution PlusEclipse II, and Eclipse II Plus. It is also compatible with our Battery Identification Device (BID) and Wireless Battery Identification Device (WBID).

The transfer of data occurs wirelessly by utilizing our proprietary wireless network in combination with a powerful transceiver. The typical communication range in a normal operating environment is 300 feet, but with the communication between the chargers and routers the range can be expanded to meet your specifications. With our ability to use cell based cloud connectivity, it is not necessary for the system to be integrated into your facility's network infrastructure.  

Insight software is compatible with Windows 7 and above. Windows 10 is recommended for best performance.

Insight offers two systems:
1. Insight PC and WID2 (interface device): WBID, Evolution, Evolution Plus, Eclipse II, Eclipse II Plus with Free Software
    Onsite Download: To All Devices
    Onsite Settings, Diagnostics, Statistics from Evolution, Evolution Plus and WBID
    Data Analysis: All Features (Graphs, Events, Statistics)
2. Insight Cloud: WBID and Gateway with Paid Subscription
    Remote Access: Archive Data, Settings and Statistics
    Full Database Driven Storage
     Data Analysis: Graphs, Tabular Events and Statistics