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Wireless Battery Identification Device (WBID)

The Wireless Battery Identification Device (WBID) is the ultimate battery mounted monitoring device that lowers maintenance costs and increases productivity of your forklift fleet by intelligently managing your assets. The WBID goes much further than the standard battery device with monitoring and recording of critical data points, such as
  • Average and Min/Max Temperature
  • Ah in/out
  • Total EQ hours
  • Average connects per day
We listened to you, our customers, and created a new 30-day summary with easier access to critical data for your fleet evaluation, utilizing the graphical tools from our new IntelliFleet software package (formerly PC Insight). WBID is also compatible with DataLink software.

Additional options, features and benefits include:
  • Level sensors
  • Electrolyte and ambient temperature sensors
  • Configurable LED output module
  • Both tabular and graphical summary of data available for easier trend analyses
    • For in-depth review of any fleet concerns, 5min data can be downloaded for evaluation
  • Indication of number of connects per day
  • Display of idle, usage, and charge times
  • Timestamped event logs
  • Minimum and average state of charge
  • Access to data via ZigBee technology
  • Multiple I/O capabilities