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Wireless Interface Device (WID)

Wireless Interface Device
The Wireless Interface Device (WID) is the hub of your DataLink software. Plugged into a USB port on your computer, the WID scans for Charger Interface Device (CID) equipped chargers and creates a communications network with them. With DataLink running on your computer, all forklift chargers found are immediately displayed on screen along with their ID number, control type and present status. Downloading all of the data from all of the chargers is a simple matter of selecting the ones you want and clicking Download Selected. After that, it's all automatic. Each forklift charger downloads to its own file, which is stored on your hard drive in the location you've selected. You can walk away with the data and analyze it at a time and place of your convenience.  And, analysis is just a matter of loading the files into DataLink software and navigating through the user friendly interface to examine the information either graphically or textually.
  • Automatic, hands off network creation
  • No need to access chargers physically
  • Run downloads without interrupting user operations
  • Fully automatic download of complete installations of chargers