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Prestolite Atlas

Prestolite Atlas

AMETEK Prestolite Power is expanding our trusted modular, high frequency charger options to include the Prestolite Atlas charger. The Prestolite Atlas offers the maximum performance required for a wide variety of industrial charging applications in a much smaller modular package. The Prestolite Atlas sets a new industry standard for efficiency, durability and flexibility. It uses advanced IGBT high frequency power conversion circuitry to provide efficient, dependable service with an excellent power factor. This powerful forklift battery charger is designed to recharge any lead-acid battery, flooded or sealed, and can even be set to recharge Lithium batteries.

The Prestolite Atlas is fully networkable and cloud ready. It has a full suite of asset management tools available to maximize the battery life, uptime and efficiency. We offer two options for data management and analysis. IntelliFleet software is our standard desktop software that gives the ability to collect charge and discharge data from the charger and battery device. The Prestolite Atlas is also Insight Cloud capable, which is our newest advanced monitoring and data recording platform. Live data is automatically sent wirelessly through a Wireless Battery Identification Device Pro (WBID Pro) and is accessible through the cloud 24/7.

Benefits Include:

  • Fully recharge a battery in six hours or less
  • Color touchscreen and integrated multi-color charging indicator 
  • Advanced AC and DC power protection to ensure reliable performance
  • Able to sustain a battery between 20 - 80% state of charge
  • Fully compatible with BID, BID with AH Accumulator and WBID
  • Automatic temperature compensation available with addition of BID or WBID
  • Multi-voltage and multi-ampere hour operation
  • Wireless charger status, programming and diagnostics capabilities available through Prestolite Power's IntelliFleet laptop based software
  • We offer an extensive dealer network to help you through every step of purchase and ownership. Our networks includes 70 sales offices across North America, more than 200 sales personnel and 400 service technicians
  • The case style allows for pedestal and self based stand options
  • UL and cUL listed