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PowerStar Charger

The PowerStar industrial battery charger sets the industry standard for accuracy, efficiency, flexibility and reliability. Designed to recharge any 100% discharged lead-acid battery in its ampere-hour rating within 8 hours, the PowerStar is engineered to provide the maximum in charging performance. Also available in 60% and 80% rated models. The charger uses SCR power conversion circuitry, which is virtually maintenance-free, to provide years of dependable service.

With the PowerStar, the industrial battery determines its own charge cycle rate with its state of discharge. The PowerStar provides a constant current-constant voltage-constant current (I-E-I) charge curve to eliminate the possibility of overcharge, even with line voltage variations, and it completes the charge at the proper current regardless of battery age or specific gravity.

  • Choice of interchangeable controls, SCR1000 or SCR2000, for additional features and flexibility
  • Fail-safe design protects batteries
  • 100% rated to recharge fully discharged batteries in 8 hours; 80% rated models are also available
  • Adapts to all battery types with user-selectable charge curve options
  • Automatically compensates for battery operating temperature using AMETEK's battery mounted devices
  • Compatible with both wired and wireless DataLink2
  • UL and cUL listed