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PowerStar Plus

PowerStar Plus Charger
PowerStar Plus delivers dependable charging together with high efficiency and easy operation. Equipped with the SCR2000 control as standard, the PowerStar Plus is designed specifically to fill the requirements of opportunity and fast charge applications, able to recharge batteries from 20% to 80% state of charge in 3 hours or less. It's virtually maintenance-free SCR power conversion circuitry provides years of dependable service. PowerStar Plus enables the battery to determine its own charge rate, based on its state of discharge, electrolyte temperature, and battery age, while providing a IEI change curve to eliminate overcharge possibilities, even with line voltage variations.

  • Simple solution to opportunity charging
  • Charges 20% charged batteries up to 80% in 3 hours
  • Charge rates as high as 50A/100
  • Fail-Safe design protects batteries
  • Automatically compensates for battery operating temperature using AMETEK's battery mounted devices
  • No gassing feature
  • Excellent warranty
  • UL and cUL listed
  • Data Device and Software Compatibility +

    Data Device and Software Compatibility

    The PowerStar Plus Charger utilizes the WID to communicate with DataLink, our desktop software program for data management and monitoring. It can also utilize the WBIDBID and CID data devices. All our Silicon Controlled Rectifier (SCR) chargers have the option to utilize the Universal Download Kit, which allows them to make data downloads without a CID.

  • Data Sheets +

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