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AMETEK Prestolite Power Now Shipping INSIGHT

Thursday, May 9, 2019

AMETEK Prestolite Power began shipping AMETEK Insight, its first cloud-based software that can remotely monitor battery performance for an entire lift truck fleet. With Insight, users can closely monitor battery performance, change settings for charge and update both software and firmware remotely Based on technological advances implemented by AMETEK engineers and input from warehouse operation customers, the cloud-based software system is designed to overcome one of today’s biggest warehouse challenges – keeping forklift fleets at optimal performance.
How it works: Using Prestolite’s Wireless Battery Identification Devices (WBID) for fleet management, the continuous stream of automated data is transmitted wirelessly to a single data point, from which that data is available for download to multiple units simultaneously. This provides the data necessary to monitor the health and productivity of a customer’s fleet and to detect potential problems before they become catastrophic failures that could result in workplace downtime, expensive repairs or replacements and other inefficiencies. 
The system also provides customized reports with advanced analytics, allowing customers to make more accurate predictions of battery life.
Learn more about Insight Software.