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Site Probe

Site Probe
The AMETEK Site Probe is the perfect tool for analyzing a site's truck usage and power requirements in day to day usage. Most often used in preparing a proposal for new systems, the Site Probe can also be used as a tool to examine operational systems for diagnostic purposes. The Site Probe connects between the truck and the battery and stays with the truck if the battery is changed. In that way, it can record data continuously throughout the workday to evaluate the total requirement for that truck and when that energy is required. Like the WBID, the Site Probe transmits summary data via long range radio to a computer-connected WID and downloads high resolution detail data through the computer's Wi-Fi system. Once logs are on board the computer, they are readily analyzed using the extensive suite of graphical tools included in PC Insight Software. Included in these tools is an extremely powerful modeling system that lets you "try out" alternative charging schemes on the computer to see how they would work out. With it, you can quickly evaluate different charger start rates, charging opportunities, no gassing times, etc. and see graphical output showing you how things would work out with your selected settings and this user's actual work load.

  • Easily installed
  • Rugged phenolic case for maximum durability
  • Highly versatile - use on any truck size
  • High resolution data - either 1 second or 5 minute, user selected
  • Integrates with the advanced graphical analysis and modeling tools of PC Insight Software
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