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High Frequency Battery Chargers

Utilizing IGBT technology, high frequency industrial battery chargers offer high efficiency, precisely-controlled charge curves, and small lightweight size - a great for forklift and other industrial charging applications. High frequency chargers provide a constant current-constant voltage-constant current (IEI) charge curve and due to their extreme flexibility, they are adaptable to all types of batteries and applications.
  • Prestolite Atlas
    Prestolite Atlas

    The Prestolite Atlas high frequency charger offers maximum performance in a smaller module package. It is designed to recharge any lead-acid battery, flooded or sealed, and can recharge Lithium batteries.

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  • Evolution Product

    The Evolution is the next generation of modular charging for forklift batteries with a robust, rugged design and the industry's highest efficiency.

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  • Eclipse II Slim-Line Charger
    Eclipse II

    Designed for maximum performance, Eclipse II forklift chargers set a new industry standard for efficiency, accuracy and flexibility.

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  • Eclipse II Chargers
    Eclipse II HE Series (CEC)

    Eclipse II HE series chargers are specially designed to meet the strict efficiency standards set by the California Energy Commission.

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  • Eclipse II Plus Opportunity Charger
    Eclipse II Plus

    Eclipse II Plus is optimized for opportunity charging including a 25A/100 start rate and numerous control features designed specifically for the specialized needs of the opportunity charge application.

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  • Eclipse II Lithium
    Eclipse II Lithium

    The Eclipse II Lithium has the ability to charge all battery types, including lithium, flooded lead-acid, gel cell and AGM - a great fit for forklift and other industrial battery charging applications.

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  • Eclipse II Charger on Stand with Pogo Stick
    Eclipse II Accessories

    The Eclipse II Accessories are designed to customize your forklift battery charger to fit your unique specifications and enhance its performance.

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