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AC1000 Ferroresonant Controller

The AC1000 Control is a full-featured, advanced control system that ensures an optimum charge every time as well as maximum protection for your forklift batteries. The AC1000 Control offers a comprehensive nine item charge cycle review, user-selectable charge termination and numerous other programmable functions, such as delayed start, cool down and refresh charger options.

The AC1000 Control may be set for an average 80% voltage point of 2.31 volts/cell to 2.59 volts/cell. In cold storage applications, ensure a complete charge by using the dip switch on the PC board to program the proper 80% point.

Other included features:

  • Interchangeable with other compatible controls
  • 10 programmable functions
  • 9 item charge cycle review
  • User-selectable charge termination
  • Programmable automatic or manual start operation with delayed start, cool down and refresh options
  • Programmable 80% voltage point
  • Battery/charger voltage mismatch protection
  • Digital display
  • Push-to-start and delayed start capabilities
  • Charge cycle review capability
    • Ah returned
    • Start and finish voltage and amperage
    • Open circuit voltage
    • Charge termination code
    • Elapsed charging time
  • Quality built for years of trouble-free service