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Ultra Charge

Ultra Charge Charger
The Ultra Charge is one of the most flexible forklift battery chargers on the market. It’s able to charge flooded cell and sealed cell lead-acid batteries of nearly any voltage or ampere-hour size and is rated to recharge a 100% discharged forklift battery in 8 hours or less.

  • Charges 100% discharged batteries in 8 hours
  • The UC2000 control displays output volts, amps, and amp hours returned, showing 19 metrics from the most recent charge cycle
  • Compatible with single/multi-shift applications
  • Start rate of 16.3A/100Ah
  • Archive function enables information from the last 99 cycles to be reviewed easily
  • Adapts to all battery types with 7 user-selectable charge curve options
  • Timer Start Mode allows selection of the time and rate of charge
  • Programming feature assigns battery capacity and type to voltage
  • Automatically compensates for battery operating temperatures with AMETEK's battery mounted devices
  • Easy-to-change AC input voltage
  • Multi-cell/multi-ampere capabilities
  • Fully compatible with both wired and wireless DataLink2
  • UL and cUL listed
  • Meets BCI standards
  • Data Device and Software Compatibility +

    Data Device and Software Compatibility

    The Ultra Charge Charger utilizes the WID to communicate with DataLink, our desktop software program for data management and monitoring. It can also utilize the WBIDBID and CID data devices. All our Silicon Controlled Rectifier (SCR) forklift chargers have the option to utilize the Universal Download Kit, which allows them to make data downloads without a CID.

  • Data Sheets +

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