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IntelliFleet (formerly Insight PC) allows you to connect to your AMETEK Prestolite Power products for analysis, reporting and fleet management. A useful software for forklift and other industrial battery charging applications. 

IntelliFleet enhances your ability to collect charge and discharge data from your charger and battery device. It is compatible with all AMETEK Prestolite Power High Frequency charger product lines, including Evolution, Evolution PlusEclipse II and Eclipse II Plus. It requires our Wireless Interface Device 2 (WID2) and is also compatible with our Wireless Battery Identification Device (WBID) and Site Probe.

The transfer of data occurs wirelessly by utilizing our proprietary wireless network in combination with a powerful transceiver. The typical communication range in a normal operating environment is 300 feet, but with the communication between the chargers and routers the range can be expanded to meet your specifications. With our ability to use cell based cloud connectivity, it is not necessary for the system to be integrated into your facility's network infrastructure.  

We know it can be hard to know which platform may be the best for your application and requirements. Below is a direct comparison of Insight Cloud and IntelliFleet (Formerly Insight PC) to better help you make the decision. If you would like to discuss these options further, contact us

Insight Cloud IntelliFleet (formerly Insight PC)
  • New Cloud based service to manage battery
    and charger fleets utilizing the WID2, WBID
    Pro and Evolution charger
  • Our new upgraded version of DataLinkthat is compatible with Evolution, Evolution Plus, Eclipse II, Eclipse II Plus, WID2, WBID and Site Probe
  • Fleet performance data is wirelessly
    transmitted from Evolution chargers and
    WBID Pro through strategically placed Insight Cloud Routers to the Insight Cloud Website
  • Battery and charger data is collected wirelessly using WID2 devices
  • Data can be viewed 24/7 on any laptop or mobile device with internet access
  • Allows users to proactively monitor charger and battery fleet performance metrics
  • Enables remote programming of Evolution HF Modular chargers and Insight Cloud WBIDs
  • Enables wireless Evolution HF Modular charger and Insight Cloud WBID programming
  • Users can perform Evolution HF Modular
    charger diagnostics directly through Insight Cloud
  • Users can perform Evolution HF Modular charger diagnostics
  • Provides advanced reporting capabilities for fleet and individual batteries and chargers
  • Provides advanced reporting capabilities for fleet and individual batteries and chargers
  • Users can set up automatic Fleet Summary
    Alarm and Performance Reports via email messages
  • All alarm summaries and reporting must be accessed directly in the IntelliFleet software

IntelliFleet is compatible with Windows 7 and above. Windows 10 is recommended for best performance.