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UC2000 Controller
The UC2000 control is our finest control for SCR forklift chargers. It combines highly reliable charge control while maintaining flexibility for adjustments to different battery sizes, battery designs requiring special recharge profiles and site-specific operational variation. Compatible with all the latest process monitoring tools, including the DataLink2, the UC2000 is the ideal control for a modern forklift battery recharging facility.

  • 2x20 character alphanumeric display
  • Multi-voltage, multi-ampere hour
  • Works with batteries from 6 cells to 40 cells
  • Access cycle information without interrupting charging operation
  • Stores 21 items of cycle information for the last 99 charging cycles
  • 66 programming functions
  • DV/DT termination
  • Automatic start/stop
  • Five second delay
  • LED charge status lights
  • Compatible with battery mounted BID module and both the wired and wireless DataLink2
  • Automatic multi cell size operation
  • High current shutdown protection