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Charger Remote Control and Display Options

Charger Remote Control and Display Options
AMETEK offers two different levels of remote charger control. Both come with 20ft long low voltage cables that simply plug into both the forklift battery charger and the remote. It is not required to be installed in conduit. The remote stop switch gives remote access to the charger's "Manual Stop" button, while the remote display provides both the Stop and Equalize buttons. The display also provides both a series of 4 LED lights indicating the charger's current status and a six LED vertical bar indicating its current output.

  • Ready to install, no on-site fabrication required
  • Low voltage pre-terminated interconnect
  • Compatible with all of the Eclipse II family, Ultra Maxx, Ultra Charge, SCR 2000 and AC2000
  • Display model continuously indicates charger status and current output