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Data Devices

  • WBID

    The new WBID is the ultimate in battery-mounted monitoring devices, reliably providing accurate usage details for the entire life of the battery.

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  • Battery Identification Device

    Battery Identification Device (BID) provides the charger with the ID number of the battery, but it does so much more!

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  • BID with Ah Accumulator
    BID with Amp Hour Accumulator

    With the same features as the BID, the BID with Amp Hour Accumulator has the additional feature of current monitoring to track amp hours.

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  • Site Probe
    Site Probe

    The Site Probe is the perfect tool for analyzing a site's truck usage and power requirements in day-to-day usage. It is most often used to prepare new systems proposals.

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  • Charger Interface Device

    The CID, or Charger Interface Device, is the charger's on-ramp to the PC Insight Software.

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  • Wireless Interface Device

    The WID, or Wireless Interface Device, enables easy access to your facility data.

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  • WID2

    AMETEK Prestolite Power's Wireless Interface Device 2 (WID2) is the hub of your wireless PC Insight network.

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  • Universal Download Kit
    Universal Download Kit

    The Universal Download Kit is the simplest, most reliable and user-friendly way to download wired data from AMETEK chargers.

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