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AMETEK Prestolite Power offers a wide range of products for industrial use. Our products include industrial battery chargers, industrial charger connectors and cable options and industrial charger controls. Learn more about our products by selecting the products below.

  • High Frequency Battery Chargers
    High Frequency Battery Chargers

    The Eclipse II series is the most adaptive charging solution on the market, and it maintains the same quality you've come to expect from AMETEK.

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  • Ferro Battery Chargers
    Ferroresonant Battery Chargers

    AMETEK Ferroresonant Chargers set the industry standard for efficiency and reliability. Designed to recharge any lead-acid battery, AMETEK Ferroresonant Chargers are engineered to provide maximum charging performance.

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  • SCR Battery Chargers
    SCR Battery Chargers

    AMETEK SCR chargers use robust power conversion circuitry, which is virtually maintenance-free, to provide years of dependable service in harsh environments.

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  • Data Device Products
    Data Devices

    Prestolite Power data devices are an invaluable addition to your fleet applications, providing detailed information about the health of your battery and charger systems.

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  • AMETEK Prestolite Power Data Management Software
    Data Management Software

    Prestolite Power chargers come equipped with a desktop data software program that allows you to better manage your battery and charger data, IntelliFleet and DataLink (program based on compatibility with your charger, view each page to learn more about compatibility). We also offer a new cloud based data management system that allows you to monitor and manage from anywhere.

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  • Optional Products and Devices
    Optional Devices

    Prestolite Power provides optional devices, such as charger controller upgrades, remote controller and display options, as well as custom cable and connector configurations.

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