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SCR Battery Chargers

Silicon Controlled Rectifier (SCR) type battery chargers regulate charging current by allowing the battery to determine its own charge cycle rate in accordance with its state of discharge. SCR chargers provide a constant current-constant voltage-constant current (I-E-I) charge that eliminates the possibility of overcharging, even with line voltage variations of +/- 10%, and allows the battery to finish at the proper current, regardless of its age or temperature.
  • Ultra Maxx Charger
    Ultra Maxx

    The Ultra Maxx combines all of the flexibility, ruggedness and reliability of an SCR charger with special design features tailored especially for opportunity and fast charging. An excellent charger for forklift battery charging applications.

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  • Ultra Charge Charger
    Ultra Charge

    The Ultra Charge has a rugged design and flexibility that makes it ideal for a wide variety of operating environments and applications, particularly those with multiple shifts or harsh environments.

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