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Conventional - Ferroresonant Battery Chargers

Conventional charging applications require one complete charge cycle per day per battery, such as forklift batteries. AMETEK Prestolite Power's quality designed ferroresonant chargers are the tried and true solutions to efficient trouble-free conventional charging.
  • Accu-Charger

    The Accu-Charger sets the industry standard for dependable and power efficient ferroresonant chargers. It is designed to recharge any 100% discharged lead acid battery in its ampere-hour rating within 8 hours. An excellent charger for forklift battery charging applications.

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  • Battery-Mate 100 Charger

    The economically priced Battery-Mate family of chargers is industrial rated, value-designed, and extensively engineered to furnish an efficient, problem-free charge each time a battery is connected.

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  • LTD Charger

    The LTD charger is designed to charge batteries used in light, industrial single-shift applications that have 10-16 hours available for charging.

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  • Multi-Circuit Charger

    The Multi-Circuit is uniquely designed to allow efficient charging of up to six batteries simultaneously with only one compact unit.

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