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With the popularity of opportunity and fast charging, knowing how your batteries are being utilized is more important than ever before. DataLink3 gives you the opportunity to monitor battery usage and identify bad situations before they become problems that lead to down time. A useful software for forklift and other industrial battery charging applications. 

DataLink3 greatly enhances the ability to collect charge and discharge data from the charger. Compatible with AMETEK's most advanced charge controls, EC2000 for high frequency products, UC2000 and SCR2000 for SCR products, and the AC2000 for ferroresonant product lines.

The transfer of data occurs wirelessly utilizing our proprietary wireless network in combination with a powerful transceiver. Typical communication range is 1,500 ft in a normal operating environment and with communication between chargers, this range is doubled to a 3,000 ft radius. It is not necessary for the system to be integrated into the customer's network.

DataLink3 software is compatible with the following operating systems: Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows XP.