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SCR2000 SCR Controller
Easily interchangeable with the SCR1000, the SCR2000 offers 37 programming functions and can store up to 22 items of cycle information for each of the previous 99 cycles. It also provides refresh charge, cool down and other critical energy-saving options and offers four different start modes for your forklift battery charger.

  • Interchangeable with SCR1000 control
  • 37 programming functions
  • Four different start modes
  • Time of day start and block-out
  • Push to start capability
  • Charge cycle review while charging
  • Day of week equalize
  • BID programming capability
  • Password protection
  • 99 cycles of archived charging data
  • Stores up to 22 items of cycle information for each of the last 99 cycles
  • Access cycle information without interrupting charging operation
  • Provides refresh charge, cool down and energy-saving options
  • Prevents thermal runway
  • Adapts to all battery types with user-selectable curve options
  • Compensates for battery operating temperatures automatically with a BID
  • DataLink2 compatible
  • Data Sheets +

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