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AC2000 Ferroresonant Controller

The AC2000 Control collects and stores charge data for the most recent 99 cycles. The AC2000 Control offers control flexibility through a variety of operating modes through the sealed membrane keypad. The alphanumeric display reveals cycle status through easy-to-read messages. User-selectable charge termination modes ensure a full charge while eliminating excessive gassing.

The AC2000 can be set to automatically display a message prompting for a four-digit password before proceeding with programming alterations. This optional security system protects control settings from unauthorized changes.

Other benefits include:

  • Interchangeable with other compatible controls
  • 30 programming functions 
  • Store up to 19 points of information for each of the last 99 cycles of charge operation 
  • Access cycle information without interrupting the charging operation 
  • 5 different start modes 
  • Provides refresh charge, cool down and energy-saving options 
  • Prevents thermal runaway
  • Compatible with BID module
  • Alpha-numeric display
  • Time of day starts and block-out
  • Charge cycle review while charging
  • Day of week/BID cycle equalize
  • Password protected